Finals Week.

As I approach my last week of finals, ever, I am struggling with my mind on: “don’t eat that delicious junk food, you have to look fantastic for graduation vs. sugary sweets/other cravings help me not become a monster towards everyone.” I always struggle with this when I get these cravings because I always feel like I am letting myself down in a way because I have come so far with my weight loss and I don’t want to see myself fall back into bad habits. On the other hand, I only do this around stressful situations like finals or midterms, etc. So I guess it’s not that bad, but there is still that side of my brain that I battle with.

Because I have drastically changed my eating habits, when I do eat like this, I end up paying for it… my body/stomach gets upset and then I feel like shit. When I do treat myself/go out with friends or family, I now bring tums with me and eat some before the meal so my stomach isn’t too upset with me later.

I am writing this because it always crosses my mind and I never think people can really understand what I am going through, it is tough but you gotta remember that you have to treat yourself in moderation and then get back on track after the stressful situations are gone. I always am very very quick to get back on track with my eating once I am done with my stressful situations, and I usually do some detox smoothies as well to get close to all the bad toxins/sugars out of my system and start fresh.

That is all for this entry because, I feel like if I continue, it will just be more of me rambling on about this issue.


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