How it all began.

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I started out between 255-260 pounds, never thought too much about it but, I was lacking some major self-confidence. With everything that I did, I now weigh between 170 and 168 pounds. My doctor at the time would tell me I needed to lose weight and that I really needed to get my blood levels under control because of my family history on my dad’s side. I did some things here and there and lost some weight but it wasn’t enough; this was also when I was transitioning to Grand Valley. (The pictures I have attached to this entry are before [on the right] and after [on the left] the weight loss in a dress that I love).

My first year at GV was a roller coaster in itself…but I am going to focus on my weight cause that’s what this blog is about. I don’t remember my first year that much because it was such a hard transition but, I do remember that I ate a lot of junk food. As the semester went on I noticed that I did start to lose some weight and I started to gain a little bit of confidence; I did not eat any healthier I don’t believe. After my first year was over, I was feeling pretty confident that I got my blood levels down to a good number, so, I had my yearly check up with my doctor and she of course requested I do some blood work. After that nightmare was over with, I had to play the waiting game for the results… after about a week or so, they called me and said that my numbers were still bad and that they would send me some things that will help bring them down. I was very bummed out because I thought I was doing pretty well for myself… clearly I wasn’t.

Transition into my second year-

I told myself I would slowly cut some more things out and see what happens the next time I go home and get even more blood work done. I followed some of the things that the office sent me, but not enough. It was over some break that I got my blood work done again, and yet again my blood levels were still bad, better but not good enough. My doctor then told me that if I do not get it under control that she would have to put me on medicine for my high cholesterol. [Side note, I was also on the verge of diabetes my first round of blood work, so I dodged that as well.] When she said this I felt like my world had stopped, and I then thought to myself, “no, screw that I am 22 years old, way too young to be put on that shit.” So, I just told her that I will change my eating habits more and really commit to working out and the next time I am in, they will be where they need to be. This was also the time around when my sister in-law was pregnant with my nephew, that news also changed my life because I wanted to be able to be around for my nephew and not die at a super young age because I could not get my eating habits/cholesterol under control. (So now timeline sakes I am at the last semester of my second year at gv) I went back and followed the lists the office gave me to the max. I bought all the fresh produce I could along with cutting out a big amount of foods that I used to eat, that were extremely fatty/high in saturated fat. One of the sheets the office had given me said to stay away from those foods and look at the labels for low numbers on close to everything on the nutrition chart, and watch your sugar intake. So I did.

The foods that I cut out were: peanut butter, bread, butter, most of the sweets I used to eat, cut down on my alcohol intake, cheese, processed meats, milk, orange juice (stupid amount of sugar), I gave up pop forever ago, and I forget what else.

Giving up cheese and all these fantastic things was extremely, extremely hard for me. Cheese was the HARDEST one to give up because since being Italian and all that, it’s basically in my blood to have cheese flowing through my veins. But, that was the biggest factor that was creating my cholesterol to be so high, so bye-bye cheese.

The foods I chose to eat for basically the rest of my life, along with the habits I made for myself : chicken, ground turkey, lots of fruits and veggies, eggs (sparingly), ate cheese once a week, fish every now and then, used olive oil for cooking instead of butter, whole grain pasta and sometimes bread, rice, beans, frozen yogurt, almond milk, almonds, oatmeal for my breakfast with honey, most of the “low-fat” labeled items, lots of water; just recently I have been adding lemon slices to it. I have stopped eating around 6pm (depending on my semester schedule it would vary) and if I were to get hungry again I would either drink more water, go for some veggies or fruit, or like I am currently, snacking on some almonds to satisfy my cravings. I also started (still continue) to measure out everything according to what is on the box, if the serving size said 1/2 or 3/4 cup of noodles or whatever, I would measure it out. That was super hard at first because I was so used to eating over sized portions, my stomach was not cool with that but I struggled through it and look where it got me. I lost 90+ pounds all on my own by taking my health into my own hands and working out 3-4 times a week, along with all the walking I did back and forth for my classes, and always taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Transition-ish to my last year at gv-

For me, I chose to have the numbers for my saturated fat, nothing above 10%, fat same thing, and well, let’s just say everything that I eat now is nothing higher than 10%. If it is a healthy fat like almonds or something, then those are okay.

Now with all these drastic changes, when I do have my cheat days with sugary foods/greasy food, my stomach instantly hates me and I now have to carry tums with me and have a few before hand to sooth my stomach/prepare it for the cheat day. I also just socially drink now, or drink on my cheat days.

The downfall of this though, I became lactose intolerant because I changed my diet so drastically; I heard it was common when you drastically change your food choices.

The plus side though is when I went to my doctors office last April for one last blood draw, my levels (everything) came back normal and I was at the right numbers I was supposed to be at for my age/weight and all of that.

So, here is the long post of how I lost so much weight all on my own with no stupid/jazzed up diet fad. My friends and family knew what I was doing, would help me out as well by having healthier options for me in their houses. Thanks you guys, I really appreciate it <3!

With what I have done and the progress that I have seen and others, I have been asked what have I done, so here it all is! Family and friends would tell me that I have inspired them/or I could be an inspiration to others who are also struggling with their weight. I am too humble and didn’t believe them at all. Well that changed when my mom had me write down the things I did for her and she started to notice changes in her weight as well. She then shared my information with her co-workers and they noticed changes as well and see why I chose to do what I did.

With me losing all of this weight, I became more confident with myself and more comfortable in my skin.

The biggest thing for me was noticing how all my clothes started to fit me, how they were supposed to fit me, the right way; this really hit me and made me see how far I have come. Now, talking about clothes, I will list what all changed: I went to a size 16 (pants) to a size 12, size XL (shirt) to now L or M, [pants, shirts, and sweaters vary depending on the brand and all that] but, the biggest one for me personally, was my bra size (now, I know this is about to get extremely TMI but, it is important) I started at a 44DD, and I am now at a 42D. Holy shit balls. I cried in the store when the woman sized me (after all my weight loss), the girl even asked if I was okay and my mom had to say that I was. This was a big moment for me because I was highly considering getting surgery to reduce them because my back did start to hurt. Now, I don’t have to consider surgery because they shrank a shit ton.

Lastly with everything I had done, I have seriously become a better version of myself and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone around me has noticed something in me change, a glow to my personality and it is because of how happy I finally am with myself.

Well, I think that is enough of me writing about my weight so I will stop here. The rest of this blog will probably consist of how I am doing, how I am keeping up after I move out on my own, possibly post some recipes that I love now because they are healthy and all that jazz.

I hope that anyone that chooses to read this also finds it inspiring, also sorry if this sounds all over the place but, thank you for reading my rambling because I am completely new to blogging/talking about myself (I really hate talking about myself)



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