Cheat day and shopping on a tight budget!

Two in one post for today!

Part I: Cheat Day.

My cheat days have varied the further I have gone on my journey of eating healthier, this time it is on Fridays. Cheat days are my favorite day and I have learned to never go too crazy because then I will get sick, and that is not fun thus defeating the purpose of a cheat day.

I usually get pizza or make one of my favorite dishes like I am currently! I am making mac & cheese in the crock-pot and it’s my second favorite dish along side pizza, and making it in the crock-pot makes it taste extremely close to my step-dad’s home-made mac & cheese. (I got the recipe from a book that my awesome roommate Bridgette got me!) The recipe calls for shredded cheese but I use the block cheese just like my step-dad does anddddddddd it is so close to his that it makes me happy cause I can’t ever make his, his way. Anyway, enough of me raving about this dish… always do your cheat day in moderation and never feel guilty for indulging on your chocolate (like I will be soon), sugar fixes, junk food or comfort food because you deserved it and worked hard throughout the week and you have every right to treat your self.

After my mac & cheese is done cooking, you bet I am going to have a decent sized bowl, curl up and finish watching my new favorite show Empire, which I suggest everyone to check out cause it is SO GOOD!!! After my roommate Sara comes home, we are going to go out to eat at this awesome restaurant called the Crooked Goose and continue the day of awesome food. I of course am going to have to eat some tums before we do this because my stomach is not used to the amount of grease. Nonetheless, we are very excited for the yummy food and she has never been to this place.

Part II: Shopping on a tight budget.

To me, it always seems like some (most) people are complaining that they cannot eat healthy on a tight budget, and to that I say bullshit, you totally can if you do it right and have an account with the store to get awesome coupons and discounts, I do mperks. I got back from shopping today and spent 56 bucks and that included: fresh fruit (2 pints of strawberries, bananas), fresh veggies (squash/zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, frozen veggies, and an avocado), granola bars, animal crackers (which are not that bad for a snack), lunch items and a few other miscellaneous things. I was feelin’ pretty damn proud of myself because I got everything that I needed/wanted and knew that it would be okay price wise. (side note: my personal budget for myself is 80 bucks) This past semester/summer I have been drastically below [there were a few times I went over but, going over helped me not have to go every week, I usually go every other week] it and still getting all the essential things I need to survive. Because I cut so many things out of my eating habits, that is also a HUGE factor because I have become extremely price conscience and savvy, which also helps with the budget!!! There are times were I can get the store brand item because of the price and there are times where I can’t, and that’s okay. Although yes, organic is way better (for fruits and everything else) that stuff can get pricey but I only get that stuff when I can. I have told myself that when I have a place of my own and a decent paying job, I am going to try and go organic on almost everything. ((Random side note that I realized when I was shopping, I realized that I also gave up mayo/salad dressing))

Okay, I think that is enough of me rambling on about this. I won’t be blogging every day, just when things like this occur and I want to talk about it/add my personal experience with it!


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