Detoxing smoothie & continuing fitness.

Hello again! It has been awhile since I last blogged cause my internship for the summer took up a good amount of my time and I couldn’t think of anything to blog about at the time. I mean, I did have some thoughts but I pushed them to the side because my internship was more important so, I will probably revisit those thoughts later in the summer!

So, now I am back home. (This post might be a little TMI but, spoiler, everyone poops)

But before I moved back I went on a date with an awesome guy and we ate at restaurant (it was obviously a cheat day), and then Friday, Saturday and a little bit of Sunday was a cheat day… D:  Usually I don’t eat that much junk back to back because it makes me sick, feel disgusting, and extremely bloated, I usually just have maybe two days tops. I tried coffee, tea, and prunes to get rid of all the junk, and it worked a little bit but not as much as I needed because I still felt clogged and very uncomfortable. So, I went to the one drink that I knew would help me feel better and get rid of everything! On my Pinterest page I have a smoothies board and I found this recipe for a detox awhile ago and have stuck with it since! I am on like my, fifth or six time drinking this? It works almost instantly for me, super easy to make, and I suggest others trying it out! If you do have any allergies to the ingredients then try to substitute them. So, there’s something that helps me when I have eaten too much junk and I hope it can help others who have felt this way as well!

My summer roommate Sara showed me the wonderful world of pilates and there are some awesome videos on youtube; I would do this exercise when I rotated my days from the gym. I found one that I am starting to get used to and let me tell you, I can really see the progress since I started this journey! (Here is the link for the one I use:  I will definitely keep up with the pilates while being at home because I don’t have a gym membership (yet) cause I don’t have a job (yet) so I can pay for it. Going back and forth between the gym and pilates, really works for me along with obviously eating right.


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