Big Salad.


We just had family up for vacation and we ate some junk food, but not a lot. Although I personally still felt like it was too much for me, so I made some detox smoothies to feel a little better; then today I used the rest of the lemons to have more for the rest of the week. Now since I am trying to get back on track, I saw some pins on Pinterest that showed smoothies and then big salads to help detox or something like that. I had some spinach and romaine left over from the smoothie, I decided to make a big salad with some left over chicken, one hard boiled egg, light ranch dressing, and low fat provolone cheese. It was so good and very filling! I had some veggie sticks to nibble on while I was waiting for the egg to be done.

Now, with me getting myself back on track, I am going to try and workout almost every day to not be sitting on my butt until a job comes my way. I am also going to go back to how I was eating while away at college.


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