Zucchini Chips!


My mom picked up some fresh zucchini from our local farmers market, we didn’t touch them for a while and when I looked at them the other day, I knew that they had to be used soon or they would have to be thrown out 😦 So, I went to my go-to recipe, zucchini chips! They are very easy to make and taste great! I took a picture of all the ingredients that I use then a before and after picture of the final products!

Here is the link for the recipe that I use.

After making this recipe a few times, I think the best way to store them is on a plate uncovered because if you cover them and go for them later or the next day, they get soggy and then it totally defeats the whole purpose of them being “chips.”

I like this recipe for many reasons, and one of them is that they are a healthier late night snack that potato chips. It does take some getting used to when switching over to healthified snacks that use veggies instead of the original ingredient, trust me, but you do get used to them after a few tries and then you get hooked! Or at least I did. Yes, I still have the fatty potato chips sparingly but not as much as I used to. There were two bags in the house and I only have dipped into them twice, and I think they have been on the fridge for like two weeks? I don’t know but, I am proud of myself for not losing control and eating half the bag like I used to.

If you click on the photos themselves it will bring you to a bigger picture, I tried to mess with them and make them equal in size in this post but I am not having any luck, so just click on ’em!

Hope you try the recipe and enjoy it!

Side note: my mom told me that along with following what I have done and adding exercise to it, she has seen the changes. SO doing BOTH excising and eating right does really help you out and helps you see progress!!! It’s important!!


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