Eggplant Parmesan Quinoa Casserole.

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I recently made a healthified parmesan dish yesterday and it turned out to be pretty tasty!! It was pretty filling too with the small amount that I had. It was easy to make but I didn’t follow the directions I kinda of just did it my way and forgot to dry the eggplant cubes after draining them from the pot, and forgot to measure out the spices but it still came out pretty good! I tried to take video to also have that aspect but, it didn’t come out like I had envisioned so, I will try for my next dish! Another thing that I didn’t follow on this recipe is getting the blocks of parmesan and romano cheese, instead I got the mixture of both from Kraft so, my finished product doesn’t look like the one in the link. I am going to have some for lunch today and the recipe says it’s even better the next day so we will see! I was pretty proud of myself for making this dish and having it come out decent. My mom took some for lunch today and I will ask her how she liked it. If she liked it, I will make it again but the right way, by following the directions on the recipe hahaha :p UPDATE: She just texted me saying ” that eggplant is yummy 🙂 ” SO the verdict is in, this dish will be made again down the road!! I am also going to get two eggplants next time because one was not enough!

Here is the link for the recipe if you want to try it out also! (The majority of my recipes that I find come from pinterest when I type in healthy meals or to the liking of healthy things)


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