Maintaining Weight.

Last summer I was home and I put on 15 pounds because I was super stressed out from working and taking summer classes, I was eating like crazy.. and I usually don’t stress eat. Well, this time when I came home for the summer, I knew that I couldn’t fall into the pattern I did because I was not returning to college.. I managed to maintain my weight, I even fluctuated between 180 and 178, the weight I got to at the end of college! I was pretty damn proud of myself for staying on track with everything I worked so hard to keep off! I just recently signed back up for the gym because Winter is coming and I know that I will fall into that hibernation stage that everyone falls into and I don’t want to fall into that at all. The gym has also been keeping my sanity in check because of the current job I have, so I am essentially killing two birds with one stone for going back to the gym: keeping my weight where it should be and keeping my mental health in check.

I am trying to go every other day depending on my work schedule and when I have days off, that is when I most definitely go and try to work out for an hour like I did yesterday.

I haven’t been posting as much because of my work schedule and I am unable to make dishes I want to blog about but, I am going to try and change this. I have been going through some personal/emotional things again so that has also caused a lack in motivation to do anything besides work my ass off to make money until something better comes along..

Until next time.


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