I just finished being on a film set for three weeks and the food we ate, was okay, still “junky” in my opinion but, that was all there was to eat and people have to eat! When I felt myself becoming sluggish I decided to get some juices going to do a little detoxing. (ha, pun?) Anyway, I went to my trusty Pinterest page and found my juicing board. There is a pin I have that has five different juices to heal some vital organs, I made the first two on the list and another random one from a different pin. The first one was all right, I thought that the beet wouldn’t overpower the rest of the flavors but, it kind of did. Now, the second juice.. SO GOOD. When I brought them to set everyone was like, “OMG What is that?!” hahah; I did feel a little better though after I started to drink them.

This is my second time making the Lung one, I am making it because it tastes good, my mom likes it and, around this time I usually get bronchitis and I want to see if drinking this juice will help with me either not getting sick, or will help lessen the intensity of the illness… we shall wait and see! If you make these using your own juicer, beware of some tiny pieces coming at your face lol. Also, do worry if once you put them in the fridge if you go to grab them the next day or whatever that everything has separated, that’s normal. I took two pictures of it being separated and then what it looks like after you shake it up.

Here is the link for the juices I am talking about: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/07/heal-your-organs-with-the-secret-powers-of-fruits-and-veggies-david-kovacs-infographic/

(Click on the photos to see them better!)

IMG_0447  IMG_0449


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