Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup.

My mom got me a crock-pot last year because I kept seeing so many yummy recipes on pinterest, saw a good crock-pot on sale, and then my roommate got me a book filled with so many more recipes to try andddd now I am super hooked on wanting to make things in this awesome contraction! On my pinterest site I have a crock-pot recipes board where I found (in my opinion) the BEST homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. I have made it probably three times now and it’s just so perfect for fall, way better than the canned soup (probably healthier too), and super easy to make. I made it again last night because I am now in charge of dinner because I am currently not working so, I have to pitch in at home, which I don’t mind because I LOVE to cook!! My mom and I liked it but, my step-dad said there was something over-powering for him, I don’t know what it is because everything tastes fine to me; but if you do try this recipe out for yourself and you feel something is over-powering also, it could be the thyme? I don’t know ha ha ha. Anyway, I could go on for days talking about this recipe and wanting to always share it because it’s so damn good, and super filling; I had one big-ish serving of it last night and I was full. One thing that I cut back on putting in, is the parsley, I don’t put in the full 1/4 cup because I think that’s a little too much, I just eye ball the amount I want to put in.

Enough about me rambling on about this great recipe, here is the fantastic recipe:

I hope you guys try it out and love it as much as I do too!

Here is a better picture of it (click on it to see it better):



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