Chicken and Multi-Grain Stir Fry.

As promised, I would blog about this meal and all its greatness. This is the second time I have made it and it came out better, I had more chicken and did the eggs in a separate pan, and was able to keep more scrambled eggs in the dish than last time (I was scrapping them off because I cooked them in oil like the directions say. I suggest cooking them in a different pan and using PAM, way easier). I also used chicken breasts instead of the rotisserie chicken it calls for, I kinda feel like the untouched-less fatty chicken is better. I used garlic powder as a substitute for the cloves of it, like I always do and it tastes just fine! I eye-balled the amount I put it so I can’t give y’all a measurement, sorry :(!

It says soy sauce is optional after it is done and my step-dad added it in his bowl, oddly enough he liked the dish! I was pretty pumped about it cause sometimes he doesn’t like the things I make, and that is okay. I would make this dish so many more times down the road because it’s good, somewhat quick and easy, a different menu item, and pretty dang good for you.

I will post the other photographs I took because I also too a photo of what rice to use and the recipe.

There are a lot because I wanted you guys to see how much this recipe makes, the different textures it has, how much I took and it filled me up, and who else was wanting some :p


It’s blurry because she was about to jump onto the couch to smell what I had made.


And, if any of you guys are curious, me going back to my strict eating habits and working out are paying off! I am down to 184, so only 14 more pounds to lose! I know it will come off quick now because I know when I will be starting work again for a bit and that will help it continue to fall off.

As always, please feel free to try this recipe out and let me know how you like it! Enjoy 🙂





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