Week Two!

Hey loves!

Since I have been waiting to get back to work I figured I am going to try a few things out with this blog and this is another idea I came up with: continue to update you guys with my weight progress/list what I have planned for the week. I am at 183 (but over the weekend I had some wine and cheese and I put a little weight on but, I am not going to beat myself up)

So without further adieu, here is what I have planned out for the week so far:

Sunday: Workout

Breakfast – fruit, peanut butter

Lunch – veggies and hummus

Dinner – chicken fajitas

Snack(s) – water, granola

Monday: Workout

Breakfast – fruit & coffee (I originally had down oatmeal & honey)

Lunch – left over chicken fajitas (originally had tuna down)

Dinner – quinoa eggplant

Snack(s) – almonds

Tuesday: Yoga

Breakfast – granola & fruit

Lunch – chicken or tuna

Dinner – at my grandparents

Snack(s) – cereal, water

(this is where I am going to be random with items because I don’t know if I will be working and that usually changes my eating drastically)

Wednesday: Rest

Breakfast – oatmeal & honey

Lunch – almonds

Dinner – pb & j

Snack(s) – almonds

Thursday: Workout

Breakfast – granola, fruit

Lunch – almonds, water

Dinner – 3 slices of lunch meat

Snack(s) – almonds, water

Friday: Workout

Breakfast – oatmeal & honey

Lunch – almonds, water

Dinner – pb & j

Snack(s) – almonds, water

Saturday: Workout (or rest)

Breakfast – eggs and almond milk

Lunch – almonds, water

Dinner – chicken

Snack(s) – Almonds, water

Sunday: Rest

Breakfast – granola

Lunch – almonds, water

Dinner – chicken

Snack(s) – almonds, water

When my mom and I went to the store the other day, we picked up some hummus (a brand I never tried before called Eat Well Embrace Life) and we got two because they were on sale. We got: edamame hummus with roasted red peppers and sweet, and spicy black bean hummus; these are game changers. The usual hummus that we get is a little fattier than the Eat Well ones which makes me feel even less guilty about eating more than the serving size ;p

I have tried to make home-made hummus before and it was not successful and I really want to try again now that I know there are different flavors out there!

Here is the site for the company: http://eatwellembracelife.com/

(I am not in anyway sponsored by this company, I am just rambling on about how great and tasty their products are!)


I was going to list my workout plan but I have it in my car andddd it is quite cold outside and I am all nice and warm, I will post it later!


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