High Protein Sweet Potato Chili

If you love hearty warm meals during the winter, then you are in luck cause this one is fantastic, a little spicy but fantastic! I did make a huge mistake with this recipe though so, when I go to make it again I will actually FOLLOW AND READ the instructions :p

Once again, I was browsing Pinterest and found this tasty dish and just had to try it cause I love chili and sweet potatoes! This meal took a little longer to prep because you have to cut up a lot of things: 3 taters, onion, and a green pepper. If I had read the instructions (I usually just look at the ingredients and go from there.. then read how to make it, oops!) I would have know that I needed my crock-pot and would have prepared better for this meal so I could have after pictures for you guys; I also used ground turkey instead of ground beef because I don’t eat beef anymore.

My mom left me a jar of this in the fridge and when I went to grab it, the potatoes were still hard so I grabbed a meatloaf dish, sprayed it with PAM, pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees and put the portion in the dish, waited till the oven was ready and put a timer on for 35 mins.

Once the timer was up, I pulled it out of the oven and let it cool. Now, because I am pretty sure I over cooked the ground turkey, I had to put ketchup on the dish because it was dry and spicy. After a few bites and the spice hitting the back of my throat, I could tell that this would be another dish I would add to my book! I am obviously going to make it right the second time and probably cut down on the spice a bit. (I might blog about it again if it turns out better, we’ll see)

I unfortunately don’t have after photo’s because I had to go to work and asked my mom to put the dish away, but it did look pretty close to what the site had for a final product!

I can’t think of anything else to mention towards this recipe so, I hope that if you guys try this recipe that you let me know if you like it!

Until next time






The recipe:  http://www.bornfitness.com/high-protein-sweet-potato-chili/



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