Salmon Salad

A few weeks ago I saw salmon on sale at Kroger and asked my mom if I could get some, we got two fillets and I cut them in half so I had a total of four possible meals; I froze them in meal-saver bags. Last week or so I took one out and let it defrost, I pan seared it to perfection 😍 my cats were even drooling over it and ate up the little pieces I gave them, super quick. Since I still had some left over salad fixings from when I made my detox smoothies, I decided to make a salad with the salmon… and holy crap was it amazing. (The salmon was pre-seasoned with sweet bourbon fixings and UGH SO GOOD!!)

I used:

1-2 stalks of celery chopped

1 medium carrot pealed and chopped

a handful of spinach

2-3 sleeves of romaine lettuce chopped

I still have a lot of left over spinach and I just looked at my pinterest boards to see what meals I could make with the remains of it so it doesn’t go bad. I found some and I will do my best to remember to blog about them! I just might make this meal again because I loved it so much and it was super easy to make. I think the salmon took like 10 minutes tops on the pan, and the preparation of the veggies took five minutes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this quick update and if you love salmon and salads like I do, then I hope you give this a try!

Until next time ❤






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